An incredibly beautiful and elaborate creation…

“I’ve read all of Gina’s reviews and am trying to think of something even more superlative to say about her than has already been written. We really think she is extraordinary and would recommend her without a single reservation! Our son’s wedding was the best day of his life and maybe the best day of everyone in our family’s life. Not exaggerating. And it simply would not have been had Gina not been our partner and with us every step of the way. She brought to us an amazing combination of deep experience and totally bespoke creation. The bride and groom knew their wedding was unlike anyone else’s and at the same time Gina could bring years of problem solving and successful ideas to every conversation. She made a wedding of over 200 people feel intimate and so like us. It’s was an incredibly beautiful and elaborate creation and yet it felt simple and personal. It was the most romantic wedding I’ve been to and also the best party ever! Of course there were a million possible stresses from weather to logistics to family dynamics but we hardly felt them because Gina and her wonderful team were so able and approached everything with humor and kindness and grace. Clearly I could go and on. I’ll just conclude by saying that I wish I had another wedding on the horizon so I could look forward working with Gina again.” – Marjorie K

Our wedding was seamless because of Gina!

“There is no question that our wedding was seamless because of Gina! Her patience and advice in the weeks before was invaluable and proved to be correct in every aspect of the day. She also worked tirelessly the whole day from morning till night and her professionalism hone through. I wish we had another wedding ! She’s a gem!” – Karen H.

Gina helped to execute my dream wedding.

“Wow is all I can say!!! Gina helped to execute my dream wedding. She was on top of everything before, during and after the wedding. She has an eye for design and knows her stuff! Hiring Gina was one of the best things I did for this wedding. She was easy to work with, quick to respond, and I felt that she was there for us always. Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend.” – Olivia S

…knowledgeable, organized and creative…

“I used Gina as a day of planner for my daughter and son-in-laws’s wedding at Senate Garage. But calling her my day of planner does a disservice. Gina was so incredibly helpful every step of the way. Not only was she so knowledgeable, organized and creative, she was such a pleasure to work with. Gina is a lovely person and a calm presence. Everything was perfect that night because of her.” – Alana S.

…goes above and beyond for her clients.

“Our wedding couldn’t have gone as smoothly or been as incredible without Gina’s help. She’s exceptionally organized and truly goes above and beyond for her clients. We would highly recommend hiring Gina—you won’t be disappointed!” – Karen R.

Gina made my vision become my wedding.

“We saw Gina when we were looking at our venue. We thought she was the MOB because she was taking care of EVERYTHING! When we found out she was an event planner, we knew we needed her. Gina made my vision become my wedding. She made it happen without any stress to me or my mom! Every step of the way was easy and fun..every detail carried out with joy and warmth (just as when we saw her the first time). It was a magical night and we can’t thank her enough. We really enjoyed being with Gina and my mom wants Gina to be her BFF!” – Marley M.

…it was truly the best day of my life – thanks to her!

“I can’t even put into words how helpful Gina was in planning my Hudson Valley wedding. From the beginning, Gina and I just got each other and she perfectly balanced my desire to not plan a wedding with her amazing creativity and visions. I never really had a vision for my wedding, but I didn’t want to disappoint when it came to the big day and it was truly the best day of my life – thanks to her! I loved Gina’s approach to being more of a partner vs. just doing everything – she was always mindful of making sure MY vision came through (even when I didn’t have one) vs. her creating something on her own, and actually made me enjoy parts of helping to plan the big day. Gina has a vision unlike any other and truly made it all come to life, giving myself and my husband the most magical and special wedding day ever. I highly recommend Gina to help plan any event, you will not be disappointed!” – Traci R.

…she and her team are a dream to work with…

“I highly recommend Gina Maloney Events. Gina was supportive of our hopes and wishes, guiding us through even the most challenging and unexpected moments with grace and ease. She quickly grasped our vision and helped us build it out as a couple, while taking care of many of the details we’d never even thought to consider. To the contracting and set up, Gina brought wonderful relationships with excellent vendors, and built great relationships with the vendors we requested. Many of our vendors mentioned what a dream she and her team were to work with. I highly recommend Gina Maloney Events – she and her team are a dream to work with and will work tirelessly to create an event that exceeds your wildest expectations.” – Susanne S.

…Gina Maloney… created the most magical night of our lives.

“Gina, When a mom plans her daughters wedding… she looks to the stars and asks for help. And there you were! Our little fairy princess, Gina Maloney, came into our lives and brought her magic wand of creativity and planning that created the most magical night of our lives. The words “thank you” don’t even measure up… you’re family girl! From start to finish you have a gift and we are thankful and lucky to have experienced that gift of yours! We adore you! Peace and Love Always, Deb & Paul Rosen”

Down to every single detail and last minute changes Gina was phenomenal.

“As the mother of the groom and my first child getting married it was difficult to know what to do, how to stay on course and on budget, where to be and when to be there. Gina’s guidance through this process was amazing. Down to every single detail and last minute changes Gina was phenomenal. It was the best weekend and wedding one could ever imagine. Could not have gotten through it all without her. WOW!!” – Marcy A.

Hire her if you want the best.

“Gina knows how to make it all work. As wedding vendor who deals with a lot of wedding planners I was amazed at what Gina was able to pull off. A beautiful presentation of Boho Chic surrounded the space of the party. What I loved was that not only everything directly facing the guests was beautifully designed, but areas often ignored like the wall behind the bar in the wedding tent was given a finished classic look with details that I have seen planners overlook. Small details gave the wedding the finish of a complete experience. Hire her if you want the best.” – Madison R.

When we had to change the ceremony venue due to the weather, Gina didn’t blink an eye.

“I highly recommend Gina Maloney Events for wedding planning. Her supportive, confident and professional expertise made our newlyweds’ wedding a great success. Her recommended vendors were top notch – the sailcloth tent was beautiful, the DJ excellent and the shuttle buses on time. She also kept the wedding party on time and calm, which is quite a feat! The wedding was an outdoor event and the weather unpredictable. When we felt we had to change the ceremony venue from an outdoor location to a nearby church due to the weather, Gina didn’t blink an eye. She set off with her team and decorated the church beautifully, as if she had planned for it all along. I can very highly recommend Gina’s confident support, managerial skill, good nature, calm expertise and spirit, not to mention her great eye, which ensured that the tent and house looked beautiful. She and her team were a pleasure to work with. Top marks for Gina Maloney Events!” – Nancy S.

…she pays attention to every last detail.

“I’m a fellow wedding vendor and have nothing but the highest praise for Gina. As a vendor I see behind-the-scenes of events, and Gina is always the utmost professional—plus she’s extremely pleasant and fun. Her style is impeccable, and her experience is apparent in her flawless execution of every aspect of the weddings. As any wedding planner should, she pays attention to every last detail. She is a huge attribute to the Catskills. We are lucky to have her in our area. Any bride would be lucky to work with her.” – Rebecca F.

On our big day, she made us feel at ease and handled all of the details…

“Gina was fantastic! My husband and I weren’t sure at first if we wanted to hire a ‘day of coordinator’ since we were planning the wedding on our own and it was an added expense. Hiring Gina was a great decision. She made herself available well before the wedding and helped with many things on our to-do list. On our big day, she made us feel at ease and handled all of the details with all of the vendors. She is also very experienced with how everything should flow throughout the day. Thank you, Gina!!” – Kathryn T.

Her warm heart & bright energy will immediately put your stressed mind at ease.

“There aren’t enough words in my lexicon to describe how much I adore Gina. My now husband and I live in Philadelphia, but wanted to get married somewhere special. We chose the Catskills, NY area because there’s quite actually something in the water, the air… the people. We wanted our guests to feel that too. There’s not a doubt in my mind they did, and a large part of that is because of Gina! Her warm heart, and bright energy will immediately put your stressed mind at ease. She has a keen eye for detail, and all of those will be the most unique things you’ve ever heard of! One of my favorite touches of hers was lighting/spraying this gorgeous incense and essential oil spray throughout the reception and lounge area before everyone entered. It instantly set the vibe for the rest of the evening! So…to be quite frank – Gina’s the best in the biz! From running the entire weekend without a hitch, to gathering all our gifts at the end of the night…she’s perfection. You won’t be disappointed. I feel truly honored Gina Maloney was a part of our special mountain getaway!!! We’ll miss her terribly.” – Ashley M.

From her calming energy to her creativeness and big thinking, Gina won us over before even meeting.

“Without Gina, the wedding planning process and the insanely perfect final product would not have happened as seamlessly and magically. I could write a 10-book series on why Gina Maloney is the best wedding planner to hire, but The Knot only gives me 3500 characters, so I’ll try to capture it all as succinctly as possible. From conception to completion, Gina was a collaborative, organized, patient, creative, hardworking, and magical partner-in-crime throughout the planning process. From the beginning: We found Gina after seeing other rave reviews and top-rated Hudson Valley planner accolades online. From our initial phone call, my mom and I knew it was ‘besheret’ or meant to be. From her calming energy to her creativeness and big thinking, Gina won us over before even meeting. And after we met a few days later for all-day site scouting sessions around the Hudson Valley, I knew we were the lucky ones in finding her. Besides being well-connected with the most talented vendors around the Hudson Valley, Gina has the ability to make you think you’re her ONLY bride…for an entire year. We met roughly a year before my June 2017 wedding, and it was not until 6-months in before I realized she was servicing a handful of other (demanding) couples. She’s so skilled at balancing it all and never thinking your big day (regardless of how far out it is) is less of a priority than something happening in 24 hours. She is THAT good. Throughout the process: I characterize myself as someone who is organized and skilled at putting on large-scale client events and offsites, but it’s hard to describe how overwhelming your own wedding process can be. From minor, unprompted freak outs to week-of weather concerns, Gina held my hand every step of the way and never made me feel guilty or silly for feeling my anxiety. She ALWAYS made herself available, and constantly sent me inspiration pictures and texts throughout the 12 month planning process to quell my fears and get me excited for what was the most magical weekend of my life. She joined dozens and dozens of phone calls to run through updates together and with other vendors. She always had a strong handle on all the details, but would go above & beyond to put me at ease. She is a natural relationship-builder, and developed strong relationships with all vendors leading up to the big weekend. Day of, this made it super easy, collaborative and fun to work with such an amazing team of people. Her energy is infectious. She is the perfect balance between calming & zen and ‘get sh*t done’ / make it work. The weekend: words cannot describe how perfect every single detail of the wedding was. Beyond planning my 175 person ceremony + reception, Gina was responsible for my Friday bridal party boating event, my BBQ-inspired rehearsal dinner, our Friday welcome drinks / dessert & our Sunday brunch. There is not a SINGLE thing I could pinpoint or change about the entire 72 hours, and it’s large in part because of Gina’s ability to conceptualize the ambiguous and execute the impossible. My aesthetic and overall wedding design pivoted throughout the process, and without losing patience or forcing me to decide, Gina guided me to discover what was my DREAM wedding. And it was a dream indeed – just ask any of our guests who are STILL raving about it all. Long story short: Gina is an incredible wedding planner, designer and most of all, friend. She has become family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. GME = BEST.” – Sam G.

From our very first conversation, I felt total faith and trust in Gina.

“From our very first conversation, I felt total faith and trust in Gina. Each time we spoke, I was impressed with her bright spirit, attention to detail, whatever it takes attitude, and effortless style. My trust in her was rewarded over and over again and I would recommend her to anyone, anywhere. Examples. When we met at the venue the day before my wedding, two things happened: 1) a major design feature we’d been planning to use was looking very shabby instead of chic, and 2) (more importantly) it came to light that a pipe had burst underneath the venue and the bathrooms weren’t functional. Though we understood the problems, I honestly took them in stride because I knew Gina would solve the issues no matter what. Luxury porte-potties with a covered walkway to the street? Sure! Spending four hours on a ladder changing lightbulbs and zip tying curtains? Not worrying about it! And you know what? Gina and lovely her assistant Anna made the ceremony room look MAGICAL and they worked with the venue team who fixed the pipe under the building so the bathrooms were absolutely fine! Because I knew that no matter what happened, Gina would do her best, I was able to stay in the moment, enjoying all the events of the day before. I had total faith that whatever would happen, Gina would make our wedding day seamless. And it truly was. I can’t thank her enough and I hope that you make the same good decision as I did and book this wonderful person!! So appreciative.” – Leah W.

She’s the ultimate Big Thinker, Creative, Fun, Inspiring and Calming force that every bride deserves…

“Gina was sent from above to us! I’m not kidding. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Gina is very lucky. In my experience over the course of our 18 month engagement to our wedding in September, Gina was there every step of the way. She’s the ultimate BIG Thinker, Creative, Fun, Inspiring and Calming force that every bride, groom and family deserve for big decisions but specifically the day of. Here are some main areas to know when working with Gina. 1 The Creative Mind/Design: From the day we met, there was no doubt Gina would bring a unique perspective to every decision making the day more than a wedding but experience for guests. Gina’s deep expertise on design and incredible connections in NYC area and Hudson River helped make the planning smooth and effortless. 2 Gina’s Service: Throughout the 18 months, I leaned and reached out to Gina for so much. I hired her for month to day of but despite that I leveraged her connections, bounced ideas off of her and most of all she was a emotional rock during the process. Gina gave me tools to breakdown the process and it was very rare that I felt overwhelmed because I had Gina by my side. Last and most important, it was until much later, I learned Gina had several other weddings during the same summer of my wedding but she made me feel as if I was her only BRIDE. I’m shocked at what Gina was able to put on her plate and it’s a testament of her service, expertise and professionalism. 3 Gina’s Execution: The events around the wedding and day of was completely FLAWLESS. ENOUGH SAID. She had to make last minute decisions due to weather resulting in a change of ceremony site and at no point did I doubt her and team would not be able to pull it off. Gina made me feel comfortable and put my mind at ease throughout the entire day. I knew she was the best, but the day of it really confirmed, she’s the best in the business. People in my bridal party who do events for a living were also impressed at her ability to handle the day, guide the vendors and venue. My family and friends felt comfortable relying on Gina for guidance during the day and never did she appear stressed. Last but not least, Gina’s friendship and help is sincere. Gina is not your typical person for hire, she is there with you because she wants to be and truly loves what she does. If you let Gina in, she’ll treat your event as if she’s planning her daughters — with love, attention and care. I’m serious that anyone that has the opportunity to work with her, will have a pleasure and not only a easy wedding or event planning experience but a memorable positive experience. I strong recommend meeting with Gina, she’ll win you over. Gina has the best ideas, great flexibility, best connections and vendors who are dying to work with her. I wish all the best in your wedding/event planning but I know if you have Gina, you won’t need the luck, because she’s a star.” – Lisa T.

The entire day from ceremony to reception was wonderfully orchestrated…

“Gina is great to work with and she has great recommendations on vendors she has worked with in the past. In the beginning Gina asked a lot of very thoughtful questions and really got to know us. This really showed on the day of the wedding when she was able to deliver what my wife and I had envisaged. She was able to communicate our vision to the different vendors and it showed. The entire day from ceremony to reception was wonderfully orchestrated as one event with everyone working together. She kept everyone on time, made sure everyone was comfortable and ensured all guests were taken care of.” – Wolfgang F.

…no question went unanswered and every concern was addressed by Gina and her team.

“Gina Maloney was my daughter Lisa’s wedding planner. The event was flawless. Gina and her team’s attention to every detail was amazing especially when a change in weather brought an outdoor ceremony in only to make it even more magical. As the mother of the bride, no question went unanswered and every concern was addressed by Gina and her team. Her knowledge of vendors in the Hudson Valley was extremely helpful and helped make the event perfect.” – Dolores T.

She was able to keep the bride stress free throughout the day.

“I was a bridesmaid in a wedding last month and Gina was amazing!! She was so calm and professional under very high stress situations. There was rain right before the ceremony started and the groom forgot their marriage license!! She was able to keep the bride stress free throughout the day. She’s a superstar” – Breanna M.

…Gina was attentive to everyone throughout the day…

“I was a bridesmaid in a wedding that Gina coordinated. She did an incredible job- she was attentive to everyone throughout the day, and was the reason that the wedding went as smoothly as it did. I wish I knew about her when I was planning my wedding!” – Jill S.

…she timed everything out perfectly on the day of…

“I recently attended my best friend’s wedding and it was the best wedding I have ever been to!! Gina not only brought my best friend’s Hudson Valley wedding vision to life, but she also timed everything out PERFECTLY on the day of. Having recently been married and going to weddings every month- Gina has been the strongest planner of them all. Gina was so sweet and so fun with all of us in the wedding party in addition to be an incredible planner. Her taste and ability to organize vendors is amazing. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a planner for their big day!!” – Rachel S.

…she paid attention to every detail…

“Gina made the wedding day (and entire weekend) incredible, as she paid attention to every detail for my best friend’s wedding in the Hudson Valley. She even helped me plan a little mini surprise for the bride and groom and was happy to do it. Based on my friend’s incredible rave reviews of Gina throughout the wedding planning process as well as her detail-oriented yet laid-back nature during the wedding weekend, I highly recommend her!” – Jacqui B.

If you’re looking to have your wedding in the Hudson Valley area, you’ve got to have Gina!

“If you’re looking to have your wedding in the Hudson Valley area, you’ve got to have Gina! She orchestrated the weekend of all weekends for my cousin recently, and their visions and execution combined were out of this world. She has fabulous taste and works with her clients to ensure that their dream comes to life in ways they never could have imagined. Gina rocked it!” – Julie A.

Everything about the weekend was seamless and perfectly planned.

“Gina was the wedding planner for my best friends wedding in the Hudson Valley this past June and to say that she did an amazing job is an understatement! Everything about the weekend was seamless and perfectly planned. With Gina’s expertise she was able to execute the dream wedding that my friend had envisioned! In addition, Gina’s amazing taste and style along with her “very easy to get along with personality” really made the weekend extra special!”

She brought it all together and added her maginificient touch.

“Gina was truly magical. She was the wedding planner for my best friends wedding who literally had every detail already imagined in her head. She brought it all together and added her maginificient touch. The weekend was a dream!!!” – Calle N.

She went above and beyond…

“Gina was the wedding planner for my best friends wedding in Hudson Valley, New York. She went above and beyond to deliver my friends dream wedding. With a very detailed vision in the bride’s mind, Gina did everything she could to bring the bride’s perfect night to life. With so much to do to plan the wedding, Gina stepped in to help make the process smooth and fun for the bride.” – Carly G.

She is equal parts organized and creative…

“Gina is the BEST wedding planner. She is equal parts organized and creative; she kept us on track with our to-do list and had wonderful ideas to make every part of our wedding weekend perfect. Gina was always 10 steps ahead of us 🙂 We were so lucky to work with Gina for all of our wedding events – she went above and beyond with things like: creative ideas for food display, allowing us to use her home to ship various items, assisting with welcome bag assembly, wording for all of our printed materials, helping us find local vendors at great costs, communicating with ALL vendors, creating a detailed outline for the entire weekend… Gina even saved our wedding table arrangements and had them at our brunch the next morning! We were blown away by her thoughtfulness – she truly made us feel like family, not clients. If you have the chance to work with this special woman, DO IT!!!” – Ashley A.

I was relaxed all day long knowing that I was in the best of hands.

“Where do I even begin with Gina? I knew from our initial phone conversation that she was the one for me. (This sounds like a love story, and it kind of is!) The whole thought of planning a wedding was a bit daunting, although my past career was even in event planning. I knew I had a vision, but how would that vision come to life? Enter Gina. After a few conversations trying to pull specific key words, colors, feelings out of me, Gina knew exactly what I was looking for – and I trusted her. 9 months prior to my wedding, we walked the property and that is when I started getting REALLY EXCITED. I, of course, was excited to get married to my now husband, but the whole wedding planning process itself was not so desirable. Gina made it fun. When we walked the property, I could immediately sense Gina’s eye for not only style, but detail. Nothing went unnoticed. Fast forward to a few days before my wedding, forecast was for rain. Gina calls me and tells me the property is cold and she thought guests would not enjoy themselves being outside. Although I was bummed to hear this, I trusted her, and told her to do whatever she needed to do to make the ceremony tent beautiful. The ceremony tent ended up being a lot of our guests favorite site. It was intimate, covered in candles and flowers, twinkle lights, you name it. It was magical. She was able to think on her toes and used all of the items we had originally planned to use in other locations and distributed where she thought looked best – and they did. Gina is the absolute BEST. If you are a bride who is wondering if a wedding planner is worth it? YES. 100 times over. Gina was not involved with our rehearsal dinner at all, so along with my family and bridesmaids, we did all of the set up on Friday. However, on Saturday, I did not worry about A THING. I was relaxed all day long knowing that I was in the best of hands. I didn’t even look at any of the sites before the actual wedding itself. Again, this goes down to the amount of trust I had for her. Please consider working with Gina. She will make your wedding an absolute DREAM!” – Karla

Gina Maloney has been by far our best wedding planner yet!

“We have a hosted five weddings around the country and Gina Maloney has been by far our best wedding planner yet! Her attention to detail both before and during the wedding weekend was exceptional. She was so kind to let us use her home to store materials and assemble gift bags. She and her kind assistants were there for every moment during every affair of the weekend all three days. I recommended vendors all did a fabulous job! She has consistently been voted “the best in the Hudson River Valley” but I would venture to say she is among the “best in the country!” – Jody A.

Every single detail was exactly as we had imagined…

“Our daughter Karla’s wedding last month in May was simply perfect in every way! Every single detail was exactly as we had imagined and planned for and more! Especially since we had to change gears to bring an outdoor wedding indoors within a day or so! We could not have done this without Gina of Gina Maloney Events of Woodstock, NY. and her day of assistant Ana. They were unbelievably cool, calm and ready to make the change and made it so beautiful. You would not have known you were in a tent! Overall, she is so very engaging, attentive, creative, resourceful and completely ready to take care of any detail thrown at her. Between the ceremony and the party barn we were in 4 locations within 5 hours and all was so perfect. Would recommend her or hire her again in a NY minute! Love her and her services so much!” – Kathy M.

Gina Maloney… helped make my daughter’s wedding “the best day of her life.”

“I found Gina Maloney on The Knot a little over 16 months ago. She was responsive to emails and phone calls and we set a date to meet. Since that day I knew we were in great hands for my daughters wedding. Gina Maloney and her team helped make my daughter’s wedding “the best day of her life”. I felt the same was too. Perfect!! Her eye for detail, taste level and demeanor were the perfect complement to Sam. She got my daughter’s personality and adapted to her style. Gina goes beyond the norm in assisting the bride, groom and entire extended family in any way. We had some unusual requests and it was never an issue from finding a nurse to finding a rental house and even a purse for the mother of the bride. She just solved our problems and put us at ease. Her knowledge of vendors in the Hudson Valley was extensive. From the invitations to florist to the lighting, we had a top notch team. Really wouldn’t change a thing!!! Gina Maloney is the best and would work with her again!!!!” – Nancy G

She helped design everything, and kept the planning and budgeting stress free.

“Hiring Gina Maloney Events was the best decision our daughter made! Gina made the year of planning an absolute creative joy! She helped design everything, and kept the planning and budgeting stress free. She is great with every detail. Looking for ways to save and helping us know where to spend for the biggest impact. Our daughters wedding could not have been more beautiful. People are still talking about it! Gina’s sense of style, grace and ease is the perfect combination. Every little detail is important to her. She made our family so happy. I would highly recommend Gina Maloney Events. Her staff was also great!” – John S.

There was no stress of any kind working with Gina.

“Gina turned my small, somewhat impromptu wedding into an elegant, magical affair. She quickly got the idea of what I wanted and handled everything I needed her to do and beautifully! She was very professional and a gem to work with. There was no stress of any kind working with her. Gina loves what she does and it shows in her work. She makes it look effortless while creating beautiful atmospheres. My wedding was on a cold day in December. Gina turned our afternoon reception into a warm, magical event that we will always treasure and never forget.” – Donna C.

…she kept the party flowing seamlessly.

“Gina Maloney did an amazing job helping us plan our big day. Every detail was professionally organized and well executed. She helped us set and keep to our budget. The room was decorated beautifully and everyone had a blast! We were all able to relax while she kept the party flowing seamlessly. We highly recommend Gina and will definitely use her again!!” – Sue O.

…Gina was always there in the background working her magic.

“Our wedding was a magnificent three day event, but the preparation was a long collaboration that lasted over a year. Gina’s impeccable taste and professionalism made this very easy. Although we were not living locally, Gina was able to include us in every decision, using emails, a lot of pictures and phone conversations. We always felt completely confident, thought, that when we delegated, her choice would represent our wishes. When we didn’t have a vendor, Gina offered us the best options from her local network of professionals and we found a great fit for our tastes each time. All this to say, the event goes by in an instant, but Gina was everywhere at once to make it the best day of our lives! Not a single time during the event did we stop celebrating, because Gina was always there in the background working her magic. We love you Gina!” – Charles C.

The grounds were transformed into amazing style. We felt swept away.

“What a wonderful wedding my husband and I attended! Everything was perfect from the moment we arrived to the moment we left. Three days of joy, beauty and love! When we arrived our car was taken away the minute we stepped out of it. Then we were off to the festivities with passed signature drinks in hand. Seamless! The grounds were transformed into amazing style. We felt swept away. This event was a mix of hip, fun and sophistication all at once and held outdoors! There was a teepee in a field with lots of beautiful rugs and plush seating to add to the mood. Tall cocktail tables were in the field to give areas for us to hangout, socialize and enjoy the vista. The main dining tent was so inviting and elegant. The lighting was perfect. The flowers were gorgeous and bountiful. They were arranged on the poles of the tent, adding beauty everywhere you looked. The food was the best we have ever been served at a wedding. The chefs were on the site cooking! Which we loved. Everyone at our table was served at the same time. Each of the guests sitting with us commented on their meal with joy! Friends and family danced all night! It was clear that this was a very well planned event. I will never forget it! Later I spoke to the Mother of the bride and I told her how much we enjoyed everything. She explained that Gina Maloney handled all the details and she too was very pleased. Gina Maloney Events produced magic that weekend!” – Lori G.

…her creative ideas made our wedding celebration a magical event.

“We hired Gina to assist us with the planning of our farm wedding in the Summer of 2016. Working with Gina was the best and most important decision we made! We loved her for her creative and loving ideas that made our wedding celebration the magical event that it was. But equally important, Gina helped us to come up with answers to questions we would have forgotten to ask ourselves if it wasn’t for her. She is organized, full of expertise and experience, she knows the right people and is very supportive. Just knowing that she had our backs made the whole process so much less stressful. She really enjoys her work and brought this joy into every meeting. It was a pleasure working with her throughout the whole process and we highly recommend her.” – Jan B.

Our expectations were met above and beyond…

“Gina Maloney Events was an absolute pleasure to work with. We had a destination wedding on the island of Vieques. And we were pretty nervous. Our expectations were met above and beyond and the attention to detail was exquisite. I couldn’t have dreamed for such a magical day. I would highly recommend Gina and are looking forward to have her do our daughters wedding” – Margaret K.

Gina was absolutely wonderful to work with.

“Gina was absolutely wonderful to work with. Our wedding was everything we wanted it to be and with Gina’s expertise and help it all seemed effortless and beautiful. I highly recommend Gina for any and all events!” – Melissa G.

Gina is a wedding-planning master!

“We LOVED working with Gina for our July wedding in the Hudson Valley. She truly felt like a partner and a friend in the planning process. Her constant enthusiasm, creativity and calm kept us also calm and conscious of the amazing opportunity to celebrate in a way that was a true and distinct reflection of ‘us’. Gina is a wedding-planning master! She made the process fun and we couldn’t have done it without her!” – J+J

…One of the best decisions we made!

“We hired Gina to be the day-of planner for our Woodstock wedding. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we made! As we had hoped, she made suggestions of local vendors as well as places that we can get decorations –and she has a great taste and ideas. The real test came when it torrentially rained the day before the wedding and thunderstorms were in the forecast for the wedding day. So, on the wedding day, Gina sprung into action to completely change the plans to an indoor event –and she did it seemingly effortlessly, eliminating the stress that goes with it. We knew we were in good hands, and in fact everyone had a great time –it was everything we had hoped and dreamed of! She swiftly coordinated the changes with all the people involved –our caterer, the bar tender, the DJ, and the guitarist and dancer. I can’t say enough good things about her –she was very helpful and a pleasure to work with! My strongest recommendation for her as a planner.”

Gina Maloney is second to none!

“Gina Maloney, quite simply, made our daughter’s wedding! Gina is incredibly creative and is able to listen to the bride’s ideas and magically translate (and enhance) them into the perfect day. It is rare to find someone who has extraordinary creativity AND the ability to get it done! Gina executes flawlessly and personally oversees every aspect of the event (even when it goes on for three days!) Her selection of vendors and staff ensures that everything will be perfect. However, the thing we enjoyed most about working with Gina was her enthusiasm and commitment to the event – she truly became a friend through the planning! I highly recommend Gina and would encourage anyone who wants their special day to be truly special to CALL GINA!”

…a magical touch to your most special day…

“Gina Maloney provides a magical touch to your most special day – I can honestly say that our wedding would not have been the same without her!! She was hands on and expertly dealt with flower arrangements, table settings, and the catering staff throughout the day. All of this allowed us to simply enjoy our day and not worry a single second about how stunning the outcome would be!!!” -Megan F

Gina was beyond wonderful to work with!

“Gina was beyond wonderful to work with! She created the most beautiful weekend for my husband and I and all of our guests are still raving! From the rehearsal dinner, to the wedding to Sunday brunch everything was beautifully executed. Gina has a warm and gracious personality that is reflected both in her work and the relationship we formed while working with her. We have Gina to thank for making our wedding weekend one of the most memorable events we have ever had!” -Kate C

Wonderful Wedding Weekend

“Where do I begin. Gina understood from the beginning what our “vibe” was-casual elegance- and she nailed it. She took our ideas and perfectly executed them. She was a delight, and while she started out as a wedding planner she became a friend. I absolutley enjoyed the entire weekend. It was stress free- which is not easy to accomplish as a type A Mother of the Bride. I recommend Gin without reservation.”

…better than we could have imagined.

“Gina did a wonderful job making our wedding better than we could have imagined. She was incredibly attentive and communicative and made everything look gorgeous.” -Mara A

No One Could Have Possibly Done It Better!

“I called Gina at the recommendation of my photographer. I had never met her, nor was I even sure I wanted a wedding planner. We had an elaborate, giant wedding–350 people. What’s amazing about Gina is that she will and can do anything you ask–and knows to suggest tasks that you never even thought of. She is lovely, cute, funny, and incredibly smart and intuitive. I was kind of a tomboy with no sense of “girlie style,” and Gina helped me choose flowers, table decor, tents, and service/bar items that turned the event into a gorgeous, elegant occasion. Leading up to the event, Gina was there whenever I needed her, and especially one day when I was having a meltdown. She met me in town, put her arm around me while I cried, and told me not to worry. Everything was and would be handled. She was right! Several times during the night of the wedding– between the fun and adorable kids’ room she set up in the basement of the theatre, the various live bands, photo booth for guests, outdoor and indoor food stations, the ceremony itself, and the wild dance party–she “put out fires” and managed everything so it was seamless. Of course it rained the afternoon of the wedding, and this was no problem for Gina. Within a few minutes she and the venue owner had reconfigured the ceremony locale so that we could be by the stream outdoors, but no one would be exposed to the elements. This complicated wedding went off without a hitch. I’m sure she was behind the scenes doing things she never even told me about. The next day, Gina showed up with all the items from the wedding–vases, flowers, tiki lamps, etc.–and had cleaned up, tipped all the service people and drivers, and handled everything I never could have managed or would have been able to do. I could go on and on. Suffice it to say that Gina Maloney is PERFECT. No joke. She is your gal, whether you’re planning a small intimate affair, or the biggest social event of the decade in your town, as ours was. She will handle everything, or just the parts you want. She is the ideal liaison between the bride and the photographer, venue owner, rental people, graphic designer for invitations, drivers, hotels, and more. She can literally do anything, and she does everything well. I have exceptionally high standards and cannot complain about any aspect of Gina’s performance. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Gina Maloney is the best.

“Gina is an extraordinarily talented and tasteful designer of events: she truly makes magic happen, and brings to every event her wonderful energy and her beautiful presence.” – Jeff M. WOODSTOCK, NEW YORK

An experience in elegance

“The perfect melding of exquisite style, inspiration and elegance! “Walking into a “Gina Maloney” event is simply an experience in beauty. Whether it is a dinner party for friends or a larger scale event,Gina spreads stardust and enchantment upon everything she comes in contact with — she just can’t help it, the perfect melding of exquisite style, grace, inspiration, unique aesthetic, elegance topped with a twist of the whimsical. Book her while you can (or at least get yourself invited to dinner). You will never regret it!” -Kristen Noel

Magnificent Events with creativity, elegance and beauty!

“I love style. I love creativity. I love elegance and especially, I love beauty. In my eyes, Gina infuses all of her magnificent events with these qualities. Gina has exquisite taste and can transform any setting into a festive and welcoming experience you will be talking about for years.” -Evelyne P. WOODSTOCK, NEW YORK

Efficient, Professional, Indispensable, Magically Spectacular, Amazing!

“My wife Sarah and I truly wish that we were able to fully convey how efficient, professional, indispensable, magically spectacular, and overall amazing Gina Maloney was in planning our wedding but sadly we only have space on this page to touch upon some of the infinite highlights of her endless qualities. We planned our wedding from across the Atlantic and only had one or two weekends in the months that preceded the event up in Woodstock. As my wife is a creative director professionally and had very strong opinions about everything from patterns on sipping straws to the font of the signs for our buses, we were a bit nervous of doing everything remotely with someone we’d just met over coffee. I cannot begin to impress how fluid everything was, not one detail was out of place on the final day. There was also a wonderful balance of our desires and Gina’s ideas. Since we knew exactly what we wanted it was a pleasure to not feel forced into an idea that wasn’t our own, but on the other hand whenever there was a gap in creativity, Gina’s ideas were always right on the nose and in keeping with our aesthetics. From sourcing the best floral arrangements in the region to lending her beautiful vintage blue pickup truck as a table for the cupcakes, she always knew the right touch for us. In terms of co-ordinating logistics, our wedding could not have been more complicated. We were holding the event in an area the size of a football field with wild grass that needed to be tamed, electricity and water that had to be trucked in, and a crew of contemporary artists from Miami that needed forty-odd tanks of helium to create multiple art installations. DJ s and desserts flown in from Paris, kayak trips and yoga retreats planned during the day, Gina juggled everything and anything we threw at her with a sparkling smile that beamed from morning to night. Last minute headaches? How about a hornet’s nest that was discovered where the caterer was supposed to set up, sending her daughter to the hospital on the day of the wedding. The daughter was fine and Gina’s stride was never broken. She allowed us to truly enjoy the night without a care in the world (we found out about the hornets the next day), and rather than hovering over us with constant fussing, we barely noticed her at all on the big night. Writing this now, three years later, we look back and think, how the hell did she do all that!?!??! Because that’s what so incredible: it’s only now in hindsight that we realize just how much she did without drawing any attention to the fact that she did so much. Yes, there are plenty of able wedding planners out there, the problem is (from what I’ve seen at friends’ weddings) that they remind you every step of the way just how incredible they are. Gina is confident and talented enough to just let actions speak for themselves. And on a final note, while we only knew Gina for all of a half hour before we agreed to work with her, we now consider her and her family close friends. This of course does not speak to her talents at organizing a wedding, but rather to the fact that she is a warm, fun, scintillating woman that you will be glad you met.”